Con10Craze Develops an Exclusive Platform for Fans to Collect, Trade, and Flaunt Digital Moments Belonging to Their Favorite Celebrities

The era where celebrity enthusiasts amassed VHS tapes, audio cassettes, DVDs, vinyl records, and artistic representations of their beloved artists is now a thing of the past.

New Delhi (India), November 10: In this age of digitalization, where data has become the contemporary currency, the landscape of fandom has undergone a profound transformation.

As we step into 2023, fans have shifted their devotion, dedicating numerous hours to watching or listening to their cherished artists. The traditional practice of seeking autographs has given way to the trend of capturing selfies with these luminaries, thereby heightening the significance of these digital moments.

Considering this new-age fandom, Con10Craze has developed an exclusive platform dedicated to fans who love collecting precious moments belonging to their favorite celebrities. Here, a moment refers to a digital entity rich in the attributes of celebrities. 

From an exclusive snippet from an iconic movie and punchlines of popular comics to segments of popular songs and rare images of celebrities, a moment can be any digital asset that can be collected by fans. Apart from collecting these moments, Con10Craze also allows fans to trade them with other users across the world. 

The company is associated with some of the biggest production houses, media houses, and celebrities in the country to extract digital moments that matter. With every moment encapsulating the essence of its creator, it gives the collector a sense of exclusivity.

Con10Craze is co-founded by Nikhil Suri and Heemanshu Suri based in India and San Francisco, respectively. 

Both possess over a decade’s experience in the technical domain and have been working on the platform to make it safe and easy for their customers. They have made the process of collecting these moments simple and straightforward. After signing up with the platform, users can acquire the moments of their choice via different packs. While the team is planning to launch a marketplace soon, these packs by far are the only sources to collect moments. Every pack contains moments belonging to a specific set, the details of which will be mentioned on the pack page.

Nikhil and Heemanshu have made collecting digital moments easy andsimilar to online shopping, allowing customers to use multiple payment methods to make purchases. Con10Craze is also integrated with the payment gateway of Stripe to ensure seamless and secure transactions.

The digital moments available to fans are divided into four categories based on their rarity – Common (the most accessible moments), Rare (rarer than the Common moments), Epic (limited-edition moments), and Legendary (the rarest moments with only a handful of them available).

Con10Craze goes beyond digital collecting; it rewards fans in various ways. Purchasing a digital moment earns fans reward points through a buy-back system, which increases with each addition to their collection. Referring a friend grants 3,000 points, and Discord community members receive an extra 500 points upon website registration. These points can be used to obtain free digital moments or be converted to cash through preferred wallets/exchanges.

Con10Craze offers more than just points and monetary rewards. Fans collecting digital moments can enjoy real-world perks, including opportunities to meet their favorite celebrities, VIP passes to exclusive events, access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, invitations to private parties, and more. Con10Craze community members can also access unique experiences such as visiting music studios or on-location shoots, witnessing their favorite artists in their creative elements.

Nikhil Suri, the co-founder of Con10Craze, believes that the initiative quantifies fandom for new-age fans. He says, “From collecting our favorite action figures to looking for exclusive digital moments, we have come a long way! Con10Craze is a means to recognize the radical shift in fandom and provide a gateway to exclusive experiences that are nowhere else to be found!”

The soon-to-be-launched Con10Craze marketplace will provide users with a centralized platform to trade their digital moments and earn money from the same. 

To learn more about Con10Craze and check out the new drops, visit its official website here:

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