Book The Hidden Gems Launched – A Collection of Prose and Poems by Aman Talwar

New Delhi (India), September 1: Author-Poet Aman Talwar’s latest title, “The Hidden Gems”, is a beauteous collection of prose and poems. This book is special because it can significantly help the readers change their perspectives of how they see things. The book provides the readers with a bundle of positive energy, as this book teaches us the importance of relationships & our loved ones that we sometimes take for granted. Each of the ‘40 Poems & Feature Articles’ in this book is like a unique sketch of emotional love, pain that comes in human life, their belief in spirituality too and so on. The author here has cast some magical spells with her words in this book, as this title has also gained the privilege of becoming the #1 Best-Seller on Amazon!

Moreover, through this title, “The Hidden Gems”, the author wonderfully explains how we see our work life, materialistic things, non-living quotient, and the effort we make for such things is higher than we make time for our loved ones & our beloved relationship. Taking our near & dear ones for granted is a mistake we consciously and unconsciously make every day. Hope, faith, laughter, feelings, and emotions play a vital part in our daily life. However, often we forget to express them. Reading such forgetting expressions can undoubtedly help the readers to re-route and rewire their minds. This book emits some warm emotions, which the readers are bound to feel once they pick up this reading-worthy book for a read.

It is interesting to note that Author Aman Talwar’s latest title, ‘The Hidden Gems’ (, gained the #1 Best-Seller on Amazon within a few days of its release. Undoubtedly, the book has been a huge choice for the readers, as they loved that Author Aman Talwar made a giant leap with this book of hers. Within just six months, the author came out with two books, and in her second book, she made sure to amaze everyone & win all hearts. This title, Hidden Gems’ is the perfect evidence of Author Aman Talwar’s growth as a true writer, talented poet and natural author!

Now, if we go through the initial works of Author Aman Talwar, then name of her debut book, ‘Weaving Emotions’ comes up. Well, this book touches every chord of the heart. It dwells around the different facets of emotions one experiences and tries to interweave it with the varied aspects of life. It tries to reflect upon the significance of bonding among kinship. The book consists of a lovely collection of poems, one after another, which are mostly based upon the various aspects of life like togetherness, sentiments, relationships, faith and happiness! The readers had shown tremendous love to this title and the book has received some really motivating and positive reviews on across all the online marketplaces. The fact that the poems in this book, ‘Weaving Emotions’ has got a strong start, which is also retained by the author until the very end has turned out to be the best thing of this title.

The way, Author had expressed herself with her well-versed poems in this poetry collection book, “Weaving Emotions” is something truly incredible and is undoubtedly an enough reason for you to shift your focus towards her poems and give this book a chance. It is the poets, who plays the pivotal role in touching the inner cords of our emotions and making us believe and think the way their words intend to and Author-Poet, Aman Talwar had done this job in an exceptionally top notch manner!

The Amazon India #1 Best-Selling Author Aman Talwar is that admirable personality, who knows the art of turning the stones into precious gold with her perfect magical words. Be it her debut title, ‘Weaving Emotions’ or her latest title ‘The Hidden Gems’ published by Astitva Prakashan ( ) she has won the heart of the readers each time with her magical words. Author Aman has got an impactful voice in her words, which appeals the readers to think in the manner that her poems & proses intends the readers to think.

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